About - Renewal Road - DSC06288Renewal Road® is owned and operated by Mike Limauro. Mike was a senior partner at Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, which gave him an opportunity to counsel business leaders for 14 years. He was the President and CEO of Kasle Steel Corporation for 8 years, which expanded his experience to include managing and coaching executive teams throughout the U.S. and Canada and offered him the opportunity to work with business leaders in China and Japan.
After the sale of Kasle Steel, Mike has successfully led other businesses that allowed him to test his processes for improving the profitability of companies under extreme financial distress, start up companies, and mature companies that were experiencing rapid growth in a diverse array of industries. During his exciting career, Mike has integrated his own experience with the best leadership and management models that he could find to create a business consulting practice that has enabled him to improve the health of a wide variety of large and small organizations. His approach focuses on developing strong leaders who desire to create high performing teams to achieve extraordinary results.
Mike brings passion, commitment, caring and integrity to every aspect of his work. He truly respects, nurtures, and trusts each person’s unique process of personal and professional growth.

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