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Executive Coaching - Renewal Road - chessOur formula for success is simple - have the right people doing the right things at the right time. We believe in the importance of teamwork and we understand that every great team requires a great leader. So, our approach includes extensive one on one coaching with the CEO of the company. Our R.O.A.D. Map for an Extraordinary Leader® will help you develop a principle-centered, character-based, inside-out approach to personal and interpersonal effectiveness as a leader. Our leadership model focuses on building enduring greatness for your organization through a blend of personal humility and professional will.
We help leaders create and maintain a high performing team to improve the health of their organization. We provide leadership teams with the tools they need to build trust that is fundamental to team performance, engage in passionate debate around issues that are keys to success, achieve genuine agreement on important decisions, hold team members accountable for adhering to commitments, and achieve team results. Our process includes active coaching on real issues in real time. We don't just give you a "tool" and leave you with an "operating manual." We take a hands on approach and show you how to use our processes to improve your company's health.
Healthy organizations have a clear strategy that is effectively communicated to all stakeholders. We work with the CEO and the leadership team to develop an effective strategic plan and use our R.O.A.D. Map for a High Performing Team® to effectively communicate and implement the plan. We help you establish a process of meeting rhythms to consistently communicate simple key messages throughout your organization to ensure that everyone is working toward the strategic goals of the company.
We emphasize the vital importance of "face time" to maintain effective communication and to resolve critical issues using a methodology that keeps meetings engaging and effective. Most importantly, our management process translates strategic goals into commitments that lead to tangible results.

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