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Masters Program - Renewal Road - Property_Photos_002The Masters Program is an intensive retreat series for business leaders and professionals who are interested in self-improvement. This program connects 8 to 12 peers who understand the complexities of leading organizations while maintaining life balance. This small group of peers will meet four times during this one year program.
The Masters Program consists of one full day retreat each quarter during the calendar year. Each retreat is specifically designed to meet the needs of the participants for self-improvement. Each participant pledges to respect the confidentiality of the discussions to build an atmosphere of trust that is necessary to achieve personal growth and self realization. We all have inner wisdom guiding us towards happiness and lives filled with meaning and purpose. All we need do is learn to listen. By infusing everything we do with a sense of who we truly are, our companies begin to reflect our core values, and our lives become an enjoyable journey of self discovery.
The Masters Program teaches principles that will inspire you to live a life based on deliberate intent. We focus on empowering perspectives, skills and strategies that can be successfully woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Our program flows from our core beliefs:
Joy fills our lives when we learn to love unconditionally.
Peace fills our lives when we learn to forgive ourselves and others.
We learn to love unconditionally and to forgive by letting go of the past, placing the future in a power that transcends our ordinary limited view of ourselves, and living in the present moment.
All pain comes from a futile search for what we want while insisting that it must be found where it does not exist. We spend our whole lives preferring to be right rather than happy.
Healing of our pain does not come from anyone else. We must accept the guidance within ourselves, because only the awareness that resides within us can heal our distress.
We are co-creators of our experience each and every moment. Fully understanding this truth can totally transform your life!
The peaceful surroundings of Renewal Ranch, conveniently located in mid-Michigan, are perfect for exploring our lives with other leaders who face the same challenges that we do. Renewal Ranch is located six miles outside of Charlotte, Michigan near Interstate 69 between Lansing and Marshall.

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