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Renewal Road® offers workshops and retreats for business leaders and professionals that enable them to realize an extraordinary future for themselves and their companies. Many business leaders are so addicted to working in their business that they forget to pause to work on their business. This addiction is marked by anxiety among people who always have a need to keep moving even in the midst of obvious confusion and declining productivity. We offer programs that invite you to pause and catch your breath so that you and your team can work on the critical issues that you don't have time to address during your hectic day back at the office.
The quality of your future depends on the quality of your awareness in the present. Our workshops and retreats are designed to enhance your awareness, develop your leadership skills, and improve personal performance and team effectiveness. Workshops can be conducted at your place of business or offsite. However, we prefer to conduct full day retreats offsite to enable executive and professional teams to escape from the distractions of their office.
No team can perform effectively without trust. Opening up to other members of the team in a safe, facilitated environment creates the opportunity to build bonds of trust that can take your performance to the highest level. Our retreats are not warm and fuzzy group hugs! We facilitate challenging conversations dealing with the tough issues that you would rather avoid. You will leave the white elephant that has been standing in the middle of every team meeting behind when you leave one of our retreats.
Positive stress can improve an individual's performance, but negative stress can stifle effectiveness. Our workshops will help you:
- reduce the stress that can negatively impact your optimal performance
- identify your strengths as well as the obstacles to greater effectiveness
- communicate more effectively with others
- use 20/20 hindsight to learn valuable lessons and avoid negative patterns
- improve the health of your organization and the people who work in it
- restore life balance
- overcome the unhealthy influence of limiting beliefs
- let go of pain from the past and anxiety about the future
- heal broken relationships at work and at home
The peaceful surroundings of Renewal Ranch, conveniently located in mid-Michigan, are perfect for exploring team dynamics, life balance, effective communication and other issues to improve the performance of your team. Renewal Ranch is located six miles outside of Charlotte, MI near Interstate 69 between Lansing and Marshall.
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