Better Meetings Better Decisions

Many business leaders are so caught up working in their businesses that they rarely pause to work on their businesses. They anxiously keep moving even in the midst of obvious confusion and declining productivity. Meetings are the necessary tools for teams to work on their businesses, but often meetings are too boring and ineffective to achieve improved results. Learn how to make meetings less boring by looking for legitimate reasons to provoke and uncover relevant, constructive, ideological conflict. By doing so, you will keep your team members engaged, which leads to more passionate discussions. Learn how to conduct multiple types of meetings with clearly distinguished purposes, formats, and timing to provide contextual structure for your meetings, which will ultimately lead to better decisions.
Being Authentic
The Keys to Creating a Healthy Organization
High Performing Leadership
High Performing Teams
Achieving Better Results through Organizational Clarity
A Guide to Personal Freedom
Creating an Extraordinary Future
Life Balance
Life Lessons
Mind Body Healing
The Art of Awareness
The Art of Relationship
The Relaxation Response
Effective Executive Communication
Improving Performance by Reducing Stress

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