Improving Performance by Reducing Stress

This program will teach you specific techniques to reduce stress and enhance the neural functioning of your brain. Everyone knows that a healthy diet and good sleep habits are good for overall health, so we will not spend time discussing those practices. Some of the techniques that you will learn in this program that have been correlated with enhancing longevity and personal health might surprise you. They will also strengthen neural functioning involved with lowering anxiety and depression, enhancing social awareness and empathy, and improving cognitive and intellectual functioning. You will learn ways to activate neural circuits that buffer you from the negative effects of aging and stress and give you better control over your emotions. Finally, these practices will help you remain calm, serene, peaceful, alert, and give you a positive and optimistic outlook on life that will dramatically improve your performance personally and professionally.

Being Authentic
The Keys to Creating a Healthy Organization
High Performing Leadership
Better Meetings Better Decisions
High Performing Teams
Achieving Better Results through Organizational Clarity
A Guide to Personal Freedom
Creating an Extraordinary Future
Life Balance
Life Lessons
Mind Body Healing
The Art of Awareness
The Art of Relationship
The Relaxation Response
Effective Executive Communication

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