The Art of Awareness

Most of us go through life in a state of waking sleep. This program is designed to wake us up to the real world that most of us do not see. We will practice a wide variety of meditation techniques to still the mind and body. We will also practice mindfulness and observe our personal thoughts and feelings to increase awareness of how much our lives are dictated by our conditioning. We will become increasingly alert to whatever arises so that awareness can expand beyond our normal limits of perception. Our ultimate goal is to live awake, which is a fluid interplay of three essential components: a diminution of the self-centered story of "me"; a sense of presence; and the heartfelt sense of loving compassion that is the essence of who we truly are.

Being Authentic
The Keys to Creating a Healthy Organization
High Performing Leadership
Better Meetings Better Decisions
High Performing Teams
Achieving Better Results through Organizational Clarity
A Guide to Personal Freedom
Creating an Extraordinary Future
Life Balance
Life Lessons
Mind Body Healing
The Art of Relationship
The Relaxation Response
Effective Executive Communication
Improving Performance by Reducing Stress

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